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Biographies - L

  1. Lacey, Oliver E buried Hillcrest
  2. LaFollette, Adam E buried Claycomb
  3. LaFollette, Jesse J M
  4. Landers, Arthur
  5. Landers, Henry L buried Daugherty
  6. Langenhorst, Frank B buried Holy Trinity
  7. Lare, Charles

  8. Lee, James J buried Twin Hill
  9. Lee, Richard O buried Gravel Hill
  10. LeFavour, Joseph A
  11. Lemasters, Luman Walker buried Salamonia
  12. Leonhard, John W buried in Marshall Co, IN
  13. Lewis, Thomas Grisell buried West Grove

  14. Littler, Frank A buried Dunkirk IOOF
  15. Locker, Bert buried Salamonia
  16. Long, Herbert buried Green Park
  17. Long, Joseph A
  18. Losch, Charles F
  19. Losch, Joseph D R G buried Antioch
  20. Lotz, Isaac B buried Lotz

  21. Ludy, William H buried in Randolph Co, IN
  22. Lutes, Osborn buried Green Park
  23. Lutes, Thomas M "T M C" buried New Mt Pleasant
  24. Luttmann, Michael
  25. Luzadder, George buried in Delaware Co, IN
  26. Lyons, Elijah buried Boundary
  27. Lyons, Thomas H buried Green Park
  28. Lyons, Thomas S buried in Randolph Co, IN
  29. Lytle, John S

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