Biographies - S

  1. Sanders, Charles L
  2. Schamp, Homer R buried Green Park
  3. Schenk, William F
  4. Scholer, Jacob buried Salamonia
  5. Scholer, John buried Salamonia
  6. Schmuck, John buried Green Park
  7. Schwartz, Charles E buried Green Park
  8. Schwartz, George S buried Green Park
  9. Schwartz, John Henry buried Green Park
  10. Schwartz, William Daniel, Dr buried Green Park

  11. Sears, Benjamin E
  12. Selvey, Samuel Sylvester, Dr buried in Delaware Co, IN
  13. Shafer, Eugene E buried in Hancock Co, IN
  14. Shardelman, Henry S buried Green Park
  15. Sheller, Harry E
  16. Shepherd, Thomas S, Dr
  17. Sherman, Austin Judson buried Green Park
  18. Shimp, George B buried in Adams Co, IN
  19. Shimp, Thomas W buried Green Park
  20. Shockney, Charles Henry buried in Randolph Co, IN
  21. Shuck, Harry H buried in Johnson Co, IN

  22. Siders, Charles M
  23. Simmons, James B buried Gravel Hill
  24. Simmons, Thomas W
  25. Simpson, Emmett buried Green Park
  26. Simpson, George W buried Green Park
  27. Sims, I G, Dr
  28. Skinner, Malcolm V buried Green Park
  29. Skinner, Walter Lee
  30. Sloan, Robert

  31. Smith, Austin B
  32. Smith, Dillwyn Parrish buried West Grove
  33. Smith, George H buried Green Park
  34. Smith, John C buried Boundary
  35. Smith, John M, Judge buried Green Park
  36. Smith, Lewis Milton buried Dunkirk IOOF
  37. Smith, Louis A buried West Grove
  38. Smith, Palmer J buried Green Park
  39. Smith, William P

  40. Sommer, Charles A or C buried Salamonia
  41. Sonday, Francis M buried in Allen Co, IN
  42. Spade, Jacob Miller buried Green Park
  43. Spahr, Charles Smith buried Twin Hill
  44. Spahr, Emery N buried Twin Hill
  45. Spahr, James Finley buried Twin Hill
  46. Spahr, Morris Hamilton
  47. Sprinkle, William Rosco buried Lancaster

  48. Starr, John Merrit buried Green Park
  49. Steed, Elias H
  50. Steed, Homer Hammond buried Hillcrest
  51. Steed, James Finley buried Green Park
  52. Steed, Oliver P
  53. Steed, William Wesley buried Liber
  54. Stephenson, Richard Douglas buried Green Park
  55. Stephenson, Thomas C buried Green Park
  56. Stewart, Charles Ertie buried Green Park
  57. Stitzer, Edward buried Green Park
  58. St John, Roscoe M
  59. Stoltz, P B
  60. Stone, Lewis
  61. Stoner, Francis A buried Salamonia
  62. Straly, George buried Bloomfield
  63. Straly, Samuel
  64. Straly, Stephen
  65. Stratton, Henry Spolden buried Boundary
  66. Stratton, Melvin buried Hillcrest
  67. Stratton, Timothy L buried Green Park
  68. Straubsburg, Willis O buried Gravel Hill
  69. Strausburg, Frederick buried Twin Hill
  70. Strausburg, Samuel buried Twin Hill
  71. Strauss, Clinton P buried Salamonia
  72. Stroble, Alban buried Green Park

  73. Studabaker, Peter
  74. Stullen, Samuel
  75. Stultz, Addison F buried Twin Hill
  76. Sutton, Chester J buried Twin Hill
  77. Sutton, James M buried Hillside
  78. Sutton, John T
  79. Swhier, W Walter buried Green Park

updated 6/13/2017

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