The long-term plan is to post obituaries/abstracts for anyone who was born, married, died or is buried in Jay County. Obits are also linked in the listing for each cemetery.
Many thanks to Jim Cox, Jane Edson, Karin King, Sandi Evilsizer Koscak and everyone else who contributed obituaries to the index.
If you have an obituary that you would like to share,
please email it to Jim Cox for inclusion in the Obituary Files.
Updated 10/31/2017

  1. Valentine, Alice E
  2. Valentine, Ernest
  3. Valentine, Jessalyn L (Alexander)
  4. Valentine, Justin Robert
  5. Valentine, Mary Ellen (Sodders)
  6. Valentine, Nancy E (Hummer)
  7. Valentine, Nany May (Yahn)
  8. Valentine, Pearl (Haley)
  9. Valentine, Rickie A (Rowles)
  10. Valentine, Thelma (Grile)
  11. Valentine, Walter B
  12. Valentine, Walter Steve
  13. Valentine, Woodrow

  14. Vance, David
  15. Vance, Dianna Jane (Romine)
  16. Vance, Robert Terry, Jr
  17. Vandeusen-Rowe, Marceil (Page)
  18. Van Doornik, Florence (Tien)
  19. Van Doornik, Henry
  20. VanDoren, Mary Lydia
  21. Vanlandingham, Ronald K
  22. VanMatre, Otto L
  23. VanNote, Edna L (Cline)
  24. VanNote, William Edward
  25. Van Noy, Marjorie E
  26. Vanover, Mary Ann (Shepherd)
  27. VanSkyock, Jacqueline S (Lykins)
  28. Van Skyock-Hosler, Zara M (Griffith)
  29. Vasquez, David C
  30. Vasquez, Margarita (Esparza)
  31. Vasquez, Teresa
  32. Vasquez, Virginia

  33. Velasco, Gilbert J
  34. Vetter, Sarah Ellen (Houtz)
  35. Via, Arminda Verona (Williams)
  36. Via, Ethel
  37. Via, Pauline Rose (Locker)
  38. Via, Sylvester
  39. Via, William H
  40. Vinson, Norman J

  41. Voisard, Lisa Rae (Dean)
  42. Vold, Thelma (Boe)
  43. Volkert, Beverly S (Hatzell)
  44. Vore, Jerry
  45. Vore, Leroy C
  46. Vore, Mildred M (Stevens)
  47. Vore, Randal Lee
  48. Vore, Thomas F
  49. Vore, Wanda F (Younger)
  50. Vormohr, Joseph F, Dr
  51. Votaw, Donald
  52. Votaw, Jerry F
  53. Votaw, Jonas
  54. Votaw, Patty Jo (Stultz)
  55. Votaw, Steve L
  56. Votaw, Wendell D

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